Weight Loss Trends

According to recent surveys, online sales of weight loss products rose to as much as 90% within five years. This goes to show that a lot of people are on the lookout for new weight loss products almost everyday. It manifests an increased awareness on the importance of looking good from the inside out.

Nearly a third of the American population is obese. This could also explain the increasing popularity of up and coming new weight loss products. Curiously, in spite of the wide variety of "tried-and-tested" diet supplements available, the statistic continues an upward trend each year.

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Low-carb trend

These days, weight loss products tend toward the low-carbohydrate philosophy. Many diet plans perpetuate the idea that carbohydrates are our foes and encourage a protein-rich meal. Manufacturers have started producing low-carb weight loss food and beverages such as food bars, shakes, yogurt and the like.


Product mainstreaming is also pretty popular as manufacturers start providing packaged food and beverages that are "low-calorie" or "non-fat". These new weight loss products aim to provide customers the best of both worlds. They get to eat what they want but in low-carb proportions. Even fastfood chains are offering healthier options to the usual high-carbohydrate and fatty menu that they offer. This is probably because of the sudden rise in obesity-related lawsuits. Remember the film "Supersize Me"?

Dieting males

Weight loss isn't for women alone. During the past few years, men have also started watching what they eat. With the threat of hypertension, liver disorders and heart problems looming over, even men have started expressing their interest in new weight loss products that are touted to provide excellent results.

At the end of the day, it goes without saying that the best and most effective weight loss product is the oldest one in the book - a healthy balanced meal and sufficient exercise. While there are those who believe in this, most of us simply do not have the time for exercise; hence, our dependence on new weight loss products being offered in the market.

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