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The scientists are in agreement. It's easier to succeed if you first lose weight fast and then improve your habits, not the other way around. To get rid of the excess fat and reach your favorite weight may take a little time, but after about ten to twelve weeks with a proper weight loss program most people will have succeeded. It's a rather short period in which your reward is feeling really great mentally and physically as well as enjoying your new self. You should then focus on getting used to new habits with regard to food, exercise and motivation and work to maintain your new weight.

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A compilation of available research about the preventive measures against obesity, compiled by SBU (the Government's preparation for medical evaluation), shows that those who exercised lost a lot of weight during the first stages - often with the aid of low-energy diet (VLCD) - and regularly participated in a weight loss program were able to show the best weigh loss results.


New food habits together with good food, in the right intervals and servings, will help you keep your ultimate weight over time. At first, however, it's all about losing the weight. For you to be able to keep your motivation, speed is of the essence. Choosing a menu that meets your individual conditions and goals is essential.

The fastest - and perhaps easiest - way to lose the pounds is to trade one or more of your daily meals for an energy or power drink that provides your body with all it needs. The more meals you exchange, the quicker the weight loss. If you are ill or uncertain how many meals you can exchange daily, consult your local physician.


A more amusing and effective way of exercising. If you can sacrifice thirty minutes two or three times a week you will lead a stronger and healthier life. This exercise is called Pulse training and it is performed individually or in a group, most often with a coach or trainer to aid and assist you. A thirty minute workout includes both cardio and weight lifting, increasing both strength and stamina. The tempo and resistance should be adapted to your own fitness and pulse, making the workout just demanding enough. Be careful not to overdo it the first times, as this may result in lack of motivation. It's better to build up your stamina, and let your body get used to the work out, before you move up to full speed.


A lasting weight loss is dependent of new habits. This is not quickly nor easily done on your own. The key to weight loss success is motivation and support - individually as well as in group. Finding the right weight loss program may take some time. Depending on where you live - you might not have as many options as you'd wish, but it is well worth a short trip if you can find a suiting program to join further away.

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