Weight Loss Secrets - Lose Weight By Eliminating Negativity

If you have ever tried losing weight then you know how difficult it can be. Let's be honest, weight loss is hard. With all the fast food restaurants, snack foods in grocery stores, etc, it is so easy to eat the wrong foods and gain weight quick. But with that said, there is also an issue that we all deal with as well and that's negativity and negative thoughts which can curtail any kind of weight loss success. Here is a look at how you can begin to change that immediately!

Admit it, how many times have you tried to lose weight and you've had thoughts such as, "Oh I'll never lose weight", "I'm so fat", etc? We all have. You may be thinking that this really doesn't matter when it comes to diet and weight loss, but it does. Here's a great exercise that will both help you track your negative thoughts as well as help you reverse them.

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Weight Loss Journal

Buy yourself a small journal just for weight loss. Then, start writing down anything you eat, from a meal to a small snack, and write it in your journal. Put in the time of day it is when you ate, what you ate AND how you felt during the time you ate it.

Were you really hungry at the time you ate? Were you upset or had negative thoughts that made you eat? Do this for 14 straight days. Losing weight is not the goal with this exercise. You only want to track how you feel when eating and why you ate what you ate.

After your initial 14 days are over, take a look at your journal. Do you see a pattern? Are you finding that negative thought patterns are behind eating more often than you would like? The results may surprise you.

Remove The Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts will ruin weight loss programs in most all cases. You need to have positive thoughts going through your head when you're trying to make a major lifestyle change like losing weight.

Instead of saying to yourself that you look fat, tell yourself the opposite. Say, I'm getting slimmer by the day. Throw out the negativity when it hits and replace it with positive thoughts. You will be amazed at the results!

Now, when you start a diet and weight loss program you will experience much better success. You'll find it easier to lose weight and get healthy. Your eating habits will improve and you will feel much better about yourself. So throw out the old thought patterns and think positive. You'll love the new you!

Fat Loss Diet

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Wie Sie hartnäckiges Bauchfett loswerden


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