Setting Your Weight Loss Goal

All of us have an idea of what the perfect body should look like. Most of us go through great lengths to achieve our ideal weight. We exercise, follow strict diet plans and even go under the knife to shed those unwanted pounds. But before anything else, it is important to set a weight loss goal for us to find motivation in what we are doing. Let's face it, going on a weight loss regimen is not an easy task. A weight loss goal would help us find the push that we need to follow our diet plans.

The motivations

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People have different reasons why they want to lose weight. The most popular one would probably be to look and feel good about one's body. There are some who go on a weight loss plan for health reasons as in the case of overweight people. Asking yourself about the reason why you want to lose weight is the first step in setting a weight loss goal. Your motivation would justify what you're doing and it would give you the right push towards achieving your ideal body weight.

Be realistic

In setting a weight loss goal, make sure to stay realistic. Losing 10 pounds in a week is not a realistic objective. It's not even healthy. If you're in your forties, aiming for eighteen-year old body isn't realistic either. Your goal should be attainable. Your body ten years ago would be fine. According to most specialists, losing two pounds a week is the safest goal you can set. But this will still depend on your body and how much you need to work off. Talk to your doctor or trainer and ask for advice on the healthy way to lose weight. They would be able to help you find out about how much work out and dieting restriction your body can take.

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