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Losing weight is a big challenge for most of our population. Market is flooded with weight loss pills which promise to make you slim and toned without lifting a finger. Sounds too good to be true, well it is. Do any of these weight loss pills live upto the claim, is there any amongst them as best weight loss pills.

You can only lose weight if you burn more calories than what you consume - remember that. As most of you already know weight loss pills can be divided into the categories: appetite suppressants, pills which increase fat loss (breaking down fat) and pills which block fat absorption. The eventual outcome is the same- to have a net caloric deficiency and therefore this causes weight loss.

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So how does this work? Firstly, appetite suppressants work by suppressing appetite. Many of these medicines in the past were associated with cardiac side effects and therefore lost its popularity. Second category of medicine works by potentiating the breakdown of which can then be used up by muscles. Again these may be associated with cardiac sideeffects etc. and therefore one should be careful. Third category is the fat blockers. These have gained tremendous popularity in the last few years. Amongst them xenical in particular has been very popular. Some have even referred this to be amongst the best weight loss pills ever. Xenical which is the brand name for Orlistat works by blocking a pancreatic enzyme called lipase and subsequently inhibiting fat absorption.

So does Xenical live up to the mark of being considered among the best weight loss pills? Following studies proving its success, Xenical is being considered by many as being among the best weight loss pills ever. The study was a one year clinical trial. This showed that upto 25% of people on xenical achieved upto 10% of reduction in weight loss. More impressive was the reduction in incidence of type II diabetes in this study group - upto 37%.

A point to remember from the above study is that after one year period of stopping Xenical, a significant number of subjects regained 35% of the lost weight. This is obviously discouraging at first, but to understand this we need to understand, and see how Xenical actually works. Xenical works by inhibiting a pancreatic enzyme called lipase. Now once you stop taking Xenical and continue with the same old high fat diet then of course the fat which was before not being absorbed by xenical now goes to your system ay to tackle this to start with Xenical and alongside modify your diet and lifestyle.

Although it is among the best weight loss pills out there an effort on ones part is important for long term goals.

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