Coming Up With A Diabetic Weight Loss Meal Plan

The prevention and curbing of diabetes calls for a diabetic weight loss meal plan. Since obesity is closely linked to diabetes, you are most likely to be asked to lose weight by your doctor once diagnosed. However, to be able to do that, you need to have a diabetic weight loss meal plan in handy.

Taking care of your nutritional needs

Even diabetics have the same nutritional needs like the average person. Together with proper diabetic medications and regular exercise, maintaining proper nutrition plays a vital role in controlling your diabetes. In fact, just by eating balanced meals in right amounts, you can achieve and maintain normal blood sugar levels as much as possible.

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It can help you in many ways

Your diabetic weight loss meal plan can contribute a lot of good benefits to your health especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of further complications and risks like heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Furthermore, you can learn how to control your food portions, how to make healthy food choices, and how you can have a more active lifestyle.

Consult your doctor

Do not just go on an diet out of impulse. It is still best that you consult with your doctor first on what kind diet you can go into to be able to lose weight the proper and healthy way for your condition. In fact, your doctor can even help you in constructing a diabetic weight loss meal plan that is fit for your lifestyle, health, caloric, and nutritional needs.

Start counting

The diabetic weight loss meal plan does not completely restrict you from eating carbohydrates. In fact, they can play a role in maintaining your blood sugar levels. This is because the 1,200 calories-a-day diet plan for diabetics gets 50% of calories from the carbohydrates you are eating, along with 20% from proteins and 30% from fats. However, in some cases, you may need to eat less carbohydrates to be able to lose weight and maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Check with a nutritionist

It is still highly recommended that you consult with a registered nutritionist or dietitian prior to starting any type of diabetic weight loss meal plan. This is for the reason that you need to be guided on how much carbohydrates you can consume in a day. Furthermore, they can help you on what kind of carbohydrates you can eat.

Count your carbs

Even if you are faithfully following your diabetic weight loss meal plan, you need to be able to identify the kinds of carbohydrates that can make your glucose levels shoot up faster compared to others. Counting your carbs can be very helpful in determining the number of carbohydrates you are consuming from different meals in a day. Furthermore, counting carbs can help you in understanding the effects of particular carbohydrates in your blood sugar levels since it is being observed that the regulation of carbohydrate intake can also control it.

Balance everything

Most people believe that their happy eating days are over once they are diagnosed with diabetes. However, that is not entirely true because you can still eat your favorite foods with the proper diabetic weight loss meal plan, but in controlled portions. For instance, it involves limiting your intake of carbohydrates so you can control your blood sugar levels. Also, you must eat regularly to avoid low blood sugar levels. However, make sure that the amount of calories you are eating in a day is consistent and not fluctuating. This goes the same on which hours of the day you are eating.

What kind of diet is it?

The diabetic diet is low in cholesterol and saturated fat since it emphasizes on eating foods that are high-fiber, low-fat, and foods that have high complex carbohydrates. The plan limits your intake of foods that are fatty. Simple choices like eating fish instead of pork, drinking low-fat instead of regular milk, and choosing vegetable oil instead of regular oil for cooking your foods can make a big difference in reducing your risks for further complications by 50% or even more. Just make sure to combine your diet with regular exercise and do not forget to take your prescribed medication to ensure its effectiveness.

Eat sweets

You can still include sweets in your meal plans but make sure to eat them in moderation. This is because too much sweets can make your blood sugar level to shoot up higher than expected and can make you gain more weight. If there is an option for artificial sweeteners and low-sugar or sugar-free options, do not hesitate to take them. However, be mindful of the carbohydrates in them, such as the ones you can find in cakes and pastries.

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