Finding and Joining a Weight Loss Team Challenge

If you've been struggling with your weight loss regimen, maybe it's time for you to join a weight loss team challenge to keep you more motivated and eventually help you fulfill your goal.

Weight loss team challenges can be effective weight loss programs since you can use the group's encouragement and progress to motivate you to diet and work out

Discovery Channel has an online weight loss challenge which they started last New Year. Originally, it was only supposed to last 8-weeks but the program became successful so it continues on still today. Those interested to join the program can just visit their website and sign-up. Families and friends can sign-up as a group and receive a diet plan made for them. The program is also open for kids, diabetics and vegetarians.

weight loss diets, need to lose weight, quick weight loss diets, is another company that applies a weight loss team challenge. The program is called the "Slim Summer Weight Loss Challenge" and encourages community support from its participants. The challenge will run from June 25 to August 20 of this year. To join the challenge just sign-up at their website to receive a "Personality Type Diet" program that is customized just for you, as well as meal plans, personal coaching from dietitians and consultations with a qualified doctor on their message boards. The site contains blogs and a bulletin board where the participants can keep track of each other's progress.

If you're not interested in joining any of these challenges, why don't you start your own? Blogs and message boards are good online platforms for a weight loss team challenge. Call on your friends to join your challenge to make it more fun. Think of a good prize for the one who loses the weight the most to motivate you and your friends more.

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